Iteracia — дводенна конференція для продуктових менеджерів, які вірять в iterate
it till you make it. Реальні кейси, мало води.

У продуктах ніколи нічого не робиться раз і назавжди, але кожна наступна ітерація робить продукт кращим. Спікери Iteracia поділяться успіхами і факапами із власної практики.


Pavlo Kuznyetsov product manager in Zalando

Тема: Landing a job in the world’s best product teams — lessons learned from interviewing 50+ product managers

How we’re testing “switchers” from design, ds, and engineering to make sure they have a great potential to become product managers? How the “hiring committee” process helps Zalando to be less biased while ranking candidates? Why Zalando values unique skills and a passion for the specific topic over experience? The way your resume and accomplishments really should be structured and described. The homework and mock interview processes you need to establish to kill it on the on-site. Main things to say to never land the job of your dream or get the worst offer.

Katarzyna Derenda projects manager in Atlassian

Тема: A practical guide to influencing without authority

Being able to lead and inspire others is one of the key skills for product managers. A large part of this is the ability to inspire without any authority. This talk is a walk through three practical plays you can use to positively influence your peers and stakeholders. Each approach will be illustrated with examples from my recent projects and recipes to try in your own context.

Eric Dorf group product manager in Intercom

Тема: Building a rapid experimentation product team from scratch

Lessons learned going 0 to 1 using rapid experimentation within customer onboarding and activation at Intercom. Principles and process that guided our way to both experimental success and failure, including some counter intuitive results along the way.

Кому буде цікава конференція:

— продуктовим менеджерам;
— продуктовим дизайнерам;
— CEO компаній та управлінцям;
— маркетологам.


Цього разу Iteracia Conference триватиме 2 дні.

Ви можете відвідати тільки конференцію, а можете і прокачати свої скіли на одному з воркшопів наступного дня

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